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Like what you will all-around CounterStrike Global Offensive’s lifespan, a lot of consumers are still playing Valve’s leading multiplayer shooter.

According to Steam Charts, CSGO still averages involving , concurrent players each and every day as of this writing, meaning that an modest of , people almost are playing the competition at a time. It puts CSGO in simply place behind Dota one of the many games with most contingency players on Steam, proof of just how popular Valve’s shooter still is in the midst of its fan base. By using a player count as attractive as CSGO’s, it’s just about all that surprising that Control device isn’t exactly desperate to on a sequel.

If tons of fanatics are still playing often the game, why rush a totally new title to market Feasible that Valve might start out thinking about what can come next once those phone numbers fall a bit more, but while it’s throughout second place on Steam, it’s unlikely that we should see a new CounterStrike game. Steam is some gift that keeps during giving for Valve, offers prioritized the digital adventure marketplace not to remarque Steam Machines and VR Vive headsets over board game development in the previous few years. And who could blame them Next all, the platform obtained Valve .

billion in revenue through . Of cs 1.6 download may be the number of games just that made most of cash. Steam offers over , games in the dog’s library, but only all those titles make up a part of that . billion. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds took the 1 spot, with million. Wearing second place is the one and only CounterStrike Global Offensive due to million. With such the actual lucrative title on your dog’s hands, there’s no part of Valve to rock this boat with a follow up. Fans are clearly still happy devote money on the modern day installment.