LED lights need you should have either six footings

Supplied display screen, and Provided electronic display screen much appear in people’s field of operation of vision, LED devices has also been quite a few the main streets that has LED lights, LED illumination need to have everything that conditions One , energysaving with low voltage small-scale current high brightness similarities. As the LED lamp using the Pre lit trees lamp must have below average voltage, current, high sunshine characteristics, it is be certain the installation time on track use, high efficiency and saving. Two, the outstanding green light, using Carefully guided cold light glare not so big no radiation use don’t emit harmful substances.

LED environmental protection feature are better, no sun and infrared spectrum, to recyclable waste, it doesn’t contain the mercury thing has no pollution risk free touch, typical of environmentally friendly lighting source. den led nha xuong philips , endurance. LED road lamp due to some continuous use, replacing a little time is also required because volume replacement is a good deal more trouble, so in choosing of when, long our life is also an important factor, Ohmax light significant output of LED lighting basic help life in more than just hour, in full obedience with the conditions. Four, lamp has reasonable framework.

LED lamp will greatly change the structure of your lamp, according to a variety of application requirements, LED rug structure to raise info on your computer brightness conditions through unusual earth again, increase your brightness, after the later on . lens to improve the entire brightness of light, grow to be improved. LED is exemplified by epoxy resin dense light source, its design has no glass lamp filament easily damaged parts, it is an extensive solid structure, so it withstand the shocks, becoming damaged. Five, colour filtered color, multiple. As one street lamp using most of the LED street lamp must light only, it don’t need too much noise, in ensuring the perfection of the lighting but also needed to ensure freeway safety.

Six, high security and safety. LED light source using low producing voltage, light stability, no pollution, ‘ using Hz Hvac power supply once the stroboscopic phenomenon, absolutely ultraviolet B radiation, color rendering catalog Ra is in order to one thousand, colorway temperature, color temperatures fifty five Ok five thousand K, closest to sunlight. Is the calorific value associated with low no heat radiation cold light and can closely control the brighten and emitting angle, light color and in addition soft, no glare; and do certainly not contain mercury as well as sodium elements might possibly harm LED car material.